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Featured Vendor – Genuine HoBo

Limelight TV – Genuine Hobo from Kevin Mapp on Vimeo.

Genuine HoBo ® offers affordable hi-end all-natural health & beauty products for retail and wholesale made from all-natural ingredients. We offer an outstanding selection of spa quality products, including sea salt body scrubs, shea butter moisturizing creams, and more. We also carry shea butter products for babies, gifts sets, and more. Our creamy blended shea butter products use cold-pressed and organic ingredients, which moisturize the skin without leaving an oily feeling. Our exfoliating sea salt scrubs are smooth and clean, leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Genuine HoBo Bodi-Sense International, LLC honors Best Industry and Business standards and practices. Our products are blended and packaged with pride in the U.S.A. using the finest certified organic/ Fair Trade ingredients available using our own patented heat free process. Genuine HoBo ® products are 100% organic; contain NO chemicals, NO animal products, and NO synthetic additives or fillers of any kind.

Founder and CEO, Raymond D. Williams began Genuine HoBo Bodi-Sense International, LLC as a way of men giving thanks to women. As a child, he remembers his grandmother (Edna Mae Robinson) after a hard day’s work feeling tired and exhausted. One day his grandmother complained about how badly her feet were hurting. As she sat down in a chair to rest her feet, Raymond filled a bucket with water and proceeded to wash and massage his grandmother’s feet. She smiled at him and said, “Baby I want you to promise me something – That you’ll remember to do this when you become a man, so that you will stand half a chance!” After he finished with the massage, she stood up and said, “Thank you for taking away my pains and easing my soul! ” She then began to dance.

Before graduating from junior high school, Raymond made a promise to his grandmother that he would create a company where men would say thank you to women for all the hardships, trials and tribulations they have gone through for their families and men, and this gratitude would be shown through men washing and massaging women’s feet.  This experience was the source for the creation of HoBo Men & Women International, LLC.

Find Genuine Hobo at City Farm’s Warner Bros Farmers Market, Yamashiro Farmers Market and The Autry Farmers Market

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