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Featured Vendor – Sullivan Farms

Alyson Sullivan is owner of SULLIVAN FARMS SWEET & SPICY MUSTARD.

“I was inspired to make my mustard from my friends the Rollins who have been making this mustard for decades now. With their blessing I’ve turned their delicious mustard into a “Vegan”, dairy, gluten and soy free treat! This mustard has been on our Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter table for 9 years now and has become the “present” my friends have asked for each year. Unlike most mustards, SULLIVAN FARMS MUSTARD goes on everything! For breakfast on eggs, breakfast burritos and sausages, for lunch on sandwiches and as a salad dressing, and for dinner as a sauce, glaze or marinade with your you fish, meats and poultry. My vegan customers love to cook their veggies with it and I have even had customers who eat it from the jar with a spoon!

Made with the best Coleman’s Mustard Flour and Best Vegan Soy Free Butter, I’m so proud of my product and I get the most joy when I see people try it for the first time and smile and say it’s the best mustard they’ve ever had.

Looking for a Father’s Day gift?  Sullivan Farms has teamed up with Deaf Man’s BBQ and is offering gift boxes with a mustard trio and two of the best selling Deaf Man’s BBQ Sauces.

Happy Eating!!”

~Alyson Sullivan

Sullivan Farms Mustard can be found at our Yamashiro, San Marino and Warner Bros Farmers Markets.

Sullivan Farms Mustard can also be purchased at Say Cheese on Hyperion in Silverlake or ordered directly at sullivanfarms.info.