David Steinhart Performing at the Yamashiro Farmers Market

The David Steinhart Malady will be offering incredible musical entertainment at the Yamashiro Farmers Market this Thursday evening.  Come grab a drink and dinner and enjoy the music from 5pm-9pm.

The David Steinhart Malady (Stonegarden Records – Americana/Alt. Rock)

The David Steinhart Malady takes the pop sensibilities of Jeff and David Steinhart of Pop Art renown and compliments it with the classical training of violinist Ray Chang to create an eclectic mix of folk pop with an orchestral feeling.

At times the band brings an acoustic, folksy-leaning Elvis Costello to mind…But throughout it all, The Furious Seasons are adept at crafting timeless melodic pop - PopMatters

In addition to the wonderfully jangly guitars and busy violin a special treat here is David’s vocals, at once heartbreaking and supremely confident. - Dagger

Steinhart`s been a perennial cottage industry goldmine for those who carry torches for soft, finely crafted, windswept pop - The Big Takeover


Steady David Steinhart remains a meticulous model of constancy. This is his 19th album you’ve probably never heard over three decades, unless you’ve closely followed L.A.’s pop scene, dating to previous bands Pop Art (with brothers Richard and Jeff; the latter has returned on bass for Furious Seasons’ now three LPs—a fourth Steinhart, Nathan, also guitars here!) and Smart Brown Handbag. David writes and sings warm, literate, sober, preoccupied folk pop, always well-crafted, and full of small, conspicuous, workmanlike extras (pacific strings, mellotron, piano, guitar tweets, a southern blues harmonica), and an aptitude for unpretentious, poppy hooks that’s never deserted him these many years. Some of Face like “On the Wire” and ‘History Repeats” has a morning-after Blonde on Blonde Bob Dylan see-ya-leaving-babe vibe; others like “We Go Down” or “Hey Jon” are like Nilsson covering Fred Neil or light Long Ryders. Were this group going circa 1971, David Geffen or Jac Holzman might’ve signed them. Nevertheless, talented gents like this keep making golden-hued, exquisite albums; they know they’ll make their mark with whoever finds them. -Jack Rabid

Get updates, check for shows and listen to The David Steinhart Malady on the web at: www.thedavidsteinhartmalady.com